Kercoat® System

The Kercoat® system is installed directly at the washer outlet, where the bottle are released from the washer. Special designed application nozzles apply the coating to ensure no coating is entering the bottle.


This system developed to optimize Kercoat® coating application is applied early on the line to protect bottles as soon as scratches can be generated. As every washer outlet is different from one to the other, Kercoat® system us fully optimized in terms of equipment to match washer design. This unique and exclusive technology, The PulsaJet® nozzle, developed by Spraying Systems Co. has led to a more powerful application system that answers customers’ needs to improve their bottle fleet.

Kercoat® Premium System

Kercoat® system package




Our Kercoat® Premium System is an integrated equipment for your filling line. To use our system, Arkema provides:

  • a post washer coater
  • a base cabinet 
  • a water treatment station (optional)