Opticoat® System

Arkema’s unique system, using PulsaJet® nozzles developed by Spraying Systems Co., can be installed on a single line conveyor in every filling plant after the labeler. Opticoat® coating is applied with exclusive technology under dry/wet conditions without affecting production speed. The application is made through exclusive electrical guns allowing fine tunes application settings to optimize the appeareance of the bottle. 


The Opticoat® system has been developed and improved over the years to satisfy customers constraints on production line as footprint, cleaning, safety, easy to use :

  • fully automatic,
  • product consumption optimized,
  • accurate spraying: possibility to coat only the contact zone,
  • alarms and warnings ensure good application,
  • not connected to the line.

Packaged technology

Opticoat® system



To use our Spray Cabinet, Arkema supplies a base cabinet to control the amount of product you apply on each bottle.