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Glass and glass coating history

“From the Antiquity to the modern industry!”

Old wine bottle

Glass is one of the oldest container material already used during the Stone Age period. This material provides for many centuries long life to packaging and became a luxury containers across the years. In our everyday of life, glass has become like an unmissable material.


From the beginning, glass manufacturers’ know-how has considerably evolved. The oldest items were with low quality and it has become industrial products with very high quality. Indeed, many centuries ago glass containers were small and opaque dued to a lot of impurities. Today, the chemical composition has almost not changed from this period.  Thanks to technical researches, glass transparency has given containers a unique purpose to make it a special material.


Glass products have the advantage to be recyclable so that in our modern life glass packaging has reached an important place. Need for glass products has been rising and production conditions have to respect many quality process to satisfy very demanding consumers.

Glass coating solution

Industries like Arkema faced the most common defects of glass like uneven surfaces and small cracks formed during the production process. The bubbles that are formed in the end glass product spoil both the quality and the credibility of the glass material. To face these imperfections, glass containers undergo two coatings during its production. One at the end of the hot end process and the other at the initial stage of the cold end process.