Glass and glass coating history

“From the Antiquity to the modern industry!”

Old wine bottle

Glass has been a part of our lives since the Stone Age period. Glass offers long life to packaging and was a luxury good over the centuries. Today glass containers are everywhere in our lives. The need for recyclable or reusable packaging also makes glass a great choice for food and beverage markets along with many others.


Indeed, many centuries ago glass containers were small and opaque. Today, the chemical composition has almost not changed from this period. 


Glass products have the advantage to be recyclable so that in our modern life glass packaging has reached an important place. Need for glass products has been rising and production conditions have to respect many quality process to satisfy very demanding consumers.

Glass coating solution

Over the centuries, managing defects like uneven surfaces, bubbles, and small cracks has become a science. Arkema’s hot-end and cold-end coatings technology will manage these defects effectively.