Our experience

For more than 50 years, Certincoat® technology has evolved to today’s high-performance and reliable glass industry standard throughout the entire world.  As you can see in our list of milestones, many improvements have been made since it all started in 1975.


1975 ARKEMA patents the application of MBTC for glass coating
1980 ARKEMA develops first generation of coating hoods
1985 ARKEMA patents the TC100 formulation (stabilizer)
1990 ARKEMA develops scrubber
2001 Second generation of coating hoods
2006 Coatings for returnable bottles
2007 Third generation of coating hoods
2016 New range Certinadvance® for HCEC with new T-Hood

Our customers

Glass producers

Vintage containers

Arkema has worked hard to understand the issues facing glass producers and to offer them the finest solutions. With Certincoat® and now the Certinadvance® new product range, glass producers will benefit from faster production speed, glass weight reduction, and lower cost of production.


Our hot and cold-end coating brands including Certincoat® and Tegoglas® help the glass industry achieve:

  • high smoothness and dry filling scratch resistance,
  • highest taste quality of wine, oil, dairy, or food product,
  • durability during transportation and handling,
  • better lubricity in thin-walled, lightweight glass containers,
  • flexible cold end coating for labelling glues.



Beverage industry


Arkema returnable bottle coating solutions are used in many sectors and especially in the beer industry, where the use of returnable glass bottles is common. Major players have chosen this reusable packaging for economic and environmental reasons. Indeed, bottles are used as a marketing tool as each bottle makes think to a specific brand and to a particular image as well. Bottle size and color isa big part of brand identity. Scuffing rings appear rapidly on non-protected bottles after the first few cycles.




Our returnable coating brands, Kercoat® and Opticoat® help the beverage industry achieve:

  • higher filling speed,
  • excellent appearance,
  • reduced breakage,
  • improved safety.