Certincoat® - our capabilities

The experts at Arkema can help you with a wide array of glass coating technologies and solutions from supply, development, services, and more. Our skilled team can help meet your needs from beginning to end.

The Certincoat® edge

From design and installation to chemistry supply and market innovation, the Certincoat® System is more than a technology - it is a complete solution.

Custom engineering

Our engineering team is there to design, test, implement, and optimize your system. From structural design to construction and commissioning, our team is on-site to understand and address your unique needs.

Technical support

Our technical support goes beyond troubleshooting... It is innovation. We're committed to bringing you the latest and the best, from process innovations to new product development. With the Certincoat® System, you'll always be on the leading edge.

Market development

From comprehensive market analysis to product positioning, we partner with you to advocate sustainable development and promote the use of energy efficient glazing materials.

Chemistry supply

As a global chemical company, we have extensive experience transporting our materials around the world. We coordinate all facets of chemical supply - from quality control and packaging to logistics and compliance. You can count on the highest quality materials, seamless delivery, and hassle-free chemistry supply for your process.