Energy efficient pyrolytic glass coatings

Arkema's experience and extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to custom design Low E coating formulations to meet your requirements.

Certincoat® Low E  hard ceramic coatings provide durable, energy efficiency for fenestration in cold (heating dominated) climates, or climates where both heating and cooling are required. The Low Emissivity coating reduces heat loss from the building, while at the same time, allowing passive solar energy to enter. The result is significantly lower heating costs.


Windows made with Low E coated glass offer the visual clarity and color-neutrality of clear, uncoated glass - an aesthetic advantage.


Pyrolytic Low E coated glass can be used in storm windows or fabricated into insulating glass units. Certincoat® Sun Ehard ceramic coatings set a new standard in energy efficient fenestration for hot (cooling dominated) climates. Sun E combines solar selectivity with low emissivity, resulting in a glazing that dramatically cuts cooling costs. Sun E™ coated glass can be used to manufacture windows that meet the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Star performance targets.


Sun E provides the aesthetic advantage of neutral reflected color and offers energy efficiency as either monolithic or insulating glass - a first for solar control windows.