Discover our new spare parts

Arkema is continuously working to offer you new equipment and spare parts to help you in the coating process of your bottles.

We are now proud to give you more details about our lastest innovations, especially the new CF-1 pump recently developped.

Our Pumps

The new CF-1 Pump

The CF-1 pump is the successor of the SE-5 and SE-6 pump. Based on their constant low flow with use of a piston, the CF-1 pump is also created with pistons but multiple to reach an even more constant flow. The high quality stainless steel, PVDF pistons and ceramic check valves make the pump resistant against corrosive chemical liquid like MBTC. The pump is developed by Arkema and in house build.


The benefits CF-1 pump are:


  • Low and high flow possible
  • Constant flow
  • Auto-priming
  • Very low maintenance need
  • To be installed on all (Arkema) controllers or as stand alone
  • Low amount of spare parts
  • Spare parts in house build, not dependent on external parties
  • Accurate settings

CF-1 Pump

SE-5 & SE-6 Pumps

The SE-5 and SE-6 are the proven quality pumps used at Arkema for more than 20 years. The electrically driven rotating piston creates a reliable almost constant flow based on laboratory technics. The pump is built with chemical resistant materials like PVDF and ceramics.


The benefits are:


  • Low flow possible
  • Constant flow
  • Auto-priming
  • Low maintenance need
  • To be installed on controllers after small adjustment


The membrane-pumps used for chemical dosing have chemical resistant membranes which are controlled by solenoid-diaphragm principle. The back pressure can go up to 16 bars with a minimum flow of  50ml/stroke.


The benefits are:


  • Low flow possible
  • Yearly maintenance need
  • To be installed on Arkema controllers or as stand alone