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Certincoat® XE series

Increase efficiency and reduce downtime with ease-of-use. The new Certincoat® XE series hood by Arkema.

Arkema designed the XE Series Hood for optimal operational efficiency to drive customer cost savings. The Certincoat® XE series is the American next-generation hot-end coating hood that focuses on improved operational efficiency, resulting in less cleaning and reduced maintenance downtime. Based on extensive field-testing these upgrades have resulted in a decrease in cleaning time and frequency required. These cost savings per line is estimated to be at least $15,000 annually.


The XE Series hood features

  • Easier tunnel and door cleaning
  • More efficient hood cooling
  • Better exhaust distribution
  • Ease of job-change adjustments
  • Direct feed and feed insert for optimal chemical usage (patent pending)
  • Optional directed flow for higher coating requirements

To discuss availability and leasing options, please contact us below: