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Certincoat® System

Certincoat® hot-end coating system delivers a system of technologies designed to provide a reliable and cost effective bottle coating operation.

The leading hot-end coating operation

The introduction of the patented Certincoat® system revolutionized hot-end coating (H.E.C.). The Certincoat® System includes:

  • Certincoat® TC100 coating material
  • Precision metering pump assembly
  • High efficiency coating hoods for all line speeds & glassware sizes
  • Regular technical support and in-person consultations by Arkema advisors

Performance, high-reliability and efficiency

With the Certincoat® system, glass production lines can produce high-quality coated ware with less downtime.

Additional benefits include:

  • Uniform and consistent coating
  • Excellent finish protection
  • Efficient use of Certincoat® TC100, with minimal waste
  • Coating efficiency not affected by humidity or ambient temperature fluctuations
  • Significant reduction in plant corrosion problems

Coating hoods

Certincoat® Hood system

Through years of development and glass operation, Arkema offers the most diverse, efficient and reliable portfolio of coating hoods on the market to meet your specifications.


Coating parameters :

  • Bottle temperature : 450°C - 600°C
  • Hood vapour temperature : 120°C - 160°C
  • Balanced volume of exhaust
  • Hood is "closed box" :
    • No openings betwenn hood / midsection / conveyor
    • No influence on coating air pattern due to false air flows




To meet the requirements of your operation, Arkema offers a variety of Certincoat® accessories:

  • System and temperature controller: heating, cooling, bottle blow-off & automatic pump control
  • Flow alarms: Automatically detects interruptions in Certincoat® TC100 flow
  • Pump Systems: C-Hood metering pump for precise, but simple operation
  • Electronic scales: Preprogrammed to instantly alert you when your coating reservoir should be changed
  • Reusable containers: Eliminates disposal cost of drums


Certincoat®, Opticoat®, Kercoat® and Effectcoat™ are trademarks belonging to Arkema Inc. Tegoglas® is a registered trademark licensed to Arkema by Th. Goldschmidt.