Certin® Precise: Be Certin®, be precise!

An application device designed to maximize your final coating result.

Certin®Precise system

The spray cabinet


The spray cabinet applicator delivers Certin® Topcoat 201 where it matters, resulting in very high scratch resistance. The containers are coated from the side to avoid coating the inner surface of the bottle.



The spray cabinet helps to have:

  • less over-coating on the bottle shoulder
  • uniform coating at the bottom of the bottle
schéma spray cabinet CertinAdvance®

The most precise Cold-End Coating system


  • Topcoat 201: right product at right bottle temperature around 70°C
  • Better application conditions and control
  • Precise coating on bottle to bottle contact areas
  • No inside coating and no foaming
  • Easy to install
  • Improved label adhesion