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Certin® Clear: Be Certin®, Be clear!

Certin® Clear is the new hot end coating from Arkema. It is composed of the T-hood designed to apply Certin® Coat TC 100 in order to make your HEC perform at its best.

Certinclear® Systems


The T-hood is designed to apply a tin oxide layer using a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process and to coat a wide range of glass containers at different production speeds.


The T-hood is utilized in the hot section, prior to cold-end coating application, complementary with Certin® Precise to obtain highest performance of the complete system HEC-CEC


The T-hood benefits from:

  • a loop system (inner and outer loop)
  • a combination of turbulent and laminar airflow
  • a complete data monitoring

All these elements are under patent.

 Certin™ Clear technology: a new hood with a new product Certincoat®101

    The perfect combination for your HEC

    This new Hood with Certincoat® TC 100, is designed to produce:

    •  Less emissions

    •  Less deposists in the hood

    •  Less and easier cleaning

    •  Less maintenance needed

    •  Easy adjustement after job change


    Certin® Clear guarantees you higher efficiency and increased HEC homogeneity on your glass botlles.